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You Can Be Yourself AND Be a Great Parent

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You Can Be Yourself AND Be a Great Parent
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How do you maintain your individuality under the constant demands of parenthood? Use this meditation to reinforce your right to your journey while nurturing and loving your children to their own independent nature. Learn how your children will tune to your inner sense of love and light. This guided meditation is the best gift a parent could have: acknowledgement of the nobility of parenthood. Excellent for new parents.
Meditation Length Appropriate Ages
23:55 Parents, including parents wishing to heal their inner child
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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PLAHZMhMbFASorry it cut off the end of my comment, which sohuld have I'm not sure it has helped relieve the physical pain, but it for sure calmed me to the point where I am so much less afraid, and am? better able to cope/ deal with it. I think I may be even able to fall into a peaceful sleep. Thank you so much; on an intensely painful night you have brought me some very much needed help. May God bless you for this as you help people in pain! Also , do you have any other resources or products? Written by Gangaram on Wed 27 Mar 2013 7:17:26 AM GMT

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