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Bedtime for ToddlersBedtime for ToddlersWhat a wonderful bedtime story! Especially if your child has problems going to bed! This meditation will send your child to sleep with self love, confidence and safety. Appropriate for all young ones, and especially helpful for those who seem troubled at bedtime or exhibit anxious behaviour.
Finding Your DestinyFinding Your DestinyAllow your destiny and purpose to come forward in this profound meditation, and you will find your divine right of expression. Your quest, your job, is to receive the information you seek and the gifts that are uniquely yours.
Manifestations: From Dreams to RealityManifestations: From Dreams to RealityThis meditation will help you 'stay present' and create flow in your life while manifesting your deepest desires.
Stop the Internal TyrantStop the Internal TyrantIf you have an internal tyrant that incessantly chatters and interferes with your achievements and successes, this meditation will give you the tools to take back control of your emotions and instill you with peace and acceptance of the self. Perhaps this internal voice tells you that "you didn't do it well enough" or that you "won't be able to have what you want". Give yourself the empowering gift of taming the tyrant within.

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