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In conversation with the author and artist

In conversation with the author and artist

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers provided by the author and recording artist of these meditations, Faye Fitzgerald. She has been a teacher of meditation and self healing techniques for over 25 years with an established Academy of meditation and healing courses in the US and Canada. Simply click on any question:

How are these meditations different from other meditations?

How would my children benefit from meditation?

Can meditation really help with depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD?

How can meditation decrease the negativity in my life?

Can I use these meditations effectively even if I have never meditated before?

Is there music with these meditations?

Can you describe the ‘active style of meditation’ used in these meditations?

If I like these meditations, are there courses or classes I can take?  


How are these meditations different from other meditations?  The “active” style of meditation I’ve used is unique. I teach in what I call a “power system”, which means I am able to offer you a vibrational “lift” during the delivery of meditation. The meditations are delivered with an undertone of personal empowerment and strength. The listener can feel the connection within themselves and tune to a greater part of themselves quickly. Once you have this access to your own power resources, you may overcome situations and deepen your relationship with yourself and the love principles of the Universe. My decades of research with students suggests that this style of meditation is highly effective.

How would my children benefit from meditation?  One of my favorite things to do is create meditations for children. Children are naturally intuitive, naturally creative, naturally open to potential within themselves.They easily find that ‘inner portal’ within. Still, during my years in social work, I have counseled many children who have been traumatized by events in their young life; have fears; or have learning difficulties. I know that meditation in conjunction with other healing work can bring them back to their true selves.They are so open to receiving light and love. The meditations for children are also excellent for adults seeking inner child work. 

Can meditation really help with depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD?  More and more research suggests that meditation is an excellent tool for helping with depression, anxiety and ADD related concerns. I believe it helps because ultimately we must learn (or re-learn) to take control back in our lives. Drugs alone don’t seem to do the trick. Part of the symptomology of these conditions is the inability to be still within: to harness the very thing that will help stabilize or provide long term relief for these conditions. What you would seek is the ability harness yourself; to  rein yourself in enough to be able to allow the meditation to assist. These particular meditations fill the mind, and so even if you are a restless spirit, you are busy in your meditation that you can benefit from the opening of an inner peace within – which I assure you, exists. In our academy, we teach meditation as a self-healing technique. Our course registrations show a relatively high number of new students that report past or current depression and anxiety. The come to us because they have lost hope in finding a sustaining way to control their lives without, or on decreased, medication. Many of these students stay to take other courses, and thus it appears we have a system that offers powerful tools to assist in these areas.

How can meditation decrease the negativity in my life? Negativity comes from two directions: from without, and from within. I believe to some degree we all have an internal voice that berates us or makes us feel unworthy or wrong. We can fight that negative voice with meditation and our will to overcome ‘that voice'. Negativity from without is another matter. Meditation may not necessarily decrease the negativity that we all face, but it absolutely will increase your ability to handle it and prevent you from identifying or absorbing the negativity of others. With practice you will develop a solid base of confidence and self-knowledge and you will become less offended by the outside world -- more internally motivated and in control of your responses.

Can I use these meditations effectively even if I have never meditated before? This active style of meditation is extremely easy to learn. In my courses, we talk about our 100% success rate in teaching meditation to those who have focus or other issues that may have been a hinderance in past attempts to meditate.

Is  there music with these meditations?  There is an elemental or primal music within everyone of us – a tone, a correct harmonic -- that resonates within us. I suggest that people learn to truly hear their Sacred Self, and that discipline comes with being 100% focused on the Self without distraction (like making shopping lists or listening to the music more than listening to the self). If you learn to meditate only with music, and you are walking in the woods and find yourself with no music…well, I like to see everyone completely independent of such things. My meditations are packed with power and my intent is to help you find your power within and use that to your own benefit.

Can you describe the ‘active style of meditation’ used in these meditations?  There are many styles of meditation, and many are very effective. I choose an “active style” of meditation to teach with. This means that instead of emptying the mind, we fill the mind with purposeful activity. This active style seems very suited to those of us in the Western world, as we were not raised in Eastern meditation styles from a young age. I use visionary quest imaging and a call to your awareness to achieve results. Once learned, you can put practical use to this physics approach to energy: you will have learned how to access it on your own. Which is my ultimate goal. In these meditations, you learn to "call" to your spirit to take the lead, so that it can take you to the manifestations you seek - and more than that - to a peace or freedom within.  

If I like these meditations, are there courses or classes I can take?   Yes, we offer 4 week programs that encompass meditation and self healing energy techniques. The first course is called Level I: The Prophet and it is an astoundingly impactful course that I have been teaching since 1986. We have over 60 teachers throughout North America who are passionate about teaching this course because it changed their life. You can learn more about these courses at http://www.traininginpower.com.

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