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Love and Relationships

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Be Yourself AND A Great Parent - MP3Be Yourself AND A Great Parent - MP3How do you maintain your individuality under the constant demands of parenthood? Use this meditation to reinforce your right to your journey while nurturing and loving your children to their own independent nature. Learn how your children will tune to your inner sense of love and light. This guided meditation is the best gift a parent could have: acknowledgement of the nobility of parenthood. Excellent for new parents.
Finding Love AgainFinding Love AgainThis meditation will walk you through the steps to self awareness, gratitude and trust in relationship to others - and yourself. Find out how!
Finding Love Again MP3Finding Love Again MP3Be your powerful self in your love relationships. This meditation will walk you through the steps to self awareness in relationship to others and help you begin to release doubts and help you trust in relationships again. You can find the force of love and passion again in your life!
Manifestations: From Dreams to Reality - MP3Manifestations: From Dreams to Reality - MP3This meditation will help you 'stay present' and create flow in your life while manifesting your deepest desires.
You Can Be Yourself AND Be a Great ParentYou Can Be Yourself AND Be a Great ParentThis guided meditation will support you in maintaining a quietude within, despite the many challenges presented to today's parents. As part of your nuturing and caring for your children, learn to spiritually acknowledge your noble position as a parent, and the rights that both child and parent have in claiming their destiny. An amazing baby shower gift!

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