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About the Artist TheMeditationLinkMany thanks to Matija Sudeta of Vancouver, Canada for contributing breathtaking music to our MP3 meditations. Thanks Matt!
 The author and voice behind this extraordinary collection of guided meditations is Faye Fitzgerald, who has instructed meditation and healing techniques for over 25 years. Her meditation work encompass more than 20 courses and workshops in the areas of relationship, prosperity, career, health, manifestation, emotional wellness, inner child work, parenting and more.  

Faye first produced these CD meditations in 2007. She says, “it was my way to help those who cannot or do not wish to pursue formalized training in this area of personal growth. I wanted to provide this service to those who seek the miraculous transformation that meditation can produce. Meditation is an excellent gift of self discovery - it enriches people’s lives and increases self-awareness, courage and confidence”.

In 2012, she introduced the meditations with musical backgrounds, a contribution by artist Mateja Sudeta.

About the author and artist, Faye Fitzgerald  

Faye Fitzgerald, B.A., graduated from the University of Western in Ontario, Canada in 1971 and then entered the social services field in Toronto. During this time, she was witness to many in the care giving fields that were negatively affected from this strenuous work; they exhibited enormous fatigue and stress on their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Faye was determined to assist them develop a stronger sense of self while attempting to help and heal others.  An avid researcher, Faye’s interests grew in the areas of clinical psychology, cultural anthropology, theology and cross-cultural healing practices.  Influenced by the work of Edgar Cayce, Mary Eddy Baker, Jose Silva, Carlos Castaneda, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and others, she began to develop a course curriculum that would ‘teach the teacher’, based on providing the tools to heal themselves and then heal others.

She then began a journey to develop an educational training system of meditation and healing called Training in Power™, now offering 20 courses in self-empowerment, spiritual advancement, and energetic healing work in two academies located in western Canada and the northwest US.

Visit the author's site - www.fayefitzgerald.com

guided meditations to inspire your spirit self

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