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Dear visitor,

Dear visitor,

The Meditation Link.com is a division of Training in Power Academy, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are devoted to playing a role along side other “light-workers” on this planet in the advancement of humanity’s evolution by offering self awareness and consciousness programs, products and services. The MeditationLink.com offers meditation CDs in the areas of health and wellness, family, children and youth, love and relationships, and personal quests. 

 Our mission is:
  • to assist you in your personal journey to holistic health and wellness through the power of meditational exercises   
  • to empower you to be fully independent and fully confident on your path to your ultimate potential 

Author and Recording Artist  Faye Fitzgerald is the author and producer of the meditation CDs available from this site and has been teaching health and wellness and energetic wellness with meditation and healing courses since 1986. Faye Fitzgerald developed these meditation CDs to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience the healing magic of meditation. Not everyone can take formalized training in meditation. My hope is to reach those in need with an alternative solution,” she says. “Meditation is the best tool I know of to bring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of ourselves into balance. I’ve seen many miracles over the 22 years I have been teaching using this specific system of meditation.”

Comments? Ideas? Questions?

We would love to hear from you! Please Contact Us by email or write to us at TheMeditationLink.com, P.O. Box 44103, Burnaby BC, Canada, V5B 4Y2

In light,

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guided meditations to inspire your spirit self

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